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Franmar Dhaze Gel

by Franmar
Original price $21.95 - Original price $64.95
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$21.95 - $64.95
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Size: Quart

With the D haze gel you get all the benefits of the Franmar D haze with Less waste and greater control on the affected area of the screen.  It will also remove the build up of glue on aluminum and wood frames due to rescreening. All without the odor, or the need to wear protective gear!

  •    Made with soybeans.
  •    Easily removes tough ink haze and ghost images.
  •    Great for removing mesh from frame for re-meshing.
  •    Will not damage mesh.
  •    Powerful gel formula!


1. On a dry or slightly damp screen, apply d-HAZE® GEL on the ghost / haze image to be removed. DO NOT get d-HAZE® GEL on the glued portion of the screen as d-HAZE® GEL will remove glues and adhesives.

2. Using a dedicated Mcscrub Pad or nylon brush, work in well. For tough to clean haze images, let sit for up to 2 minutes before cleaning.

3. Spray clean with water or use a damp cloth to wipe off both sides of screen.

NOTE: For best results, be sure to dehaze screens every time after reclaiming. Use a separate degreasing step after dehazing when working with high mesh counts (380 or more), halftones and costly films.