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Wet Edge Squeegee

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WetEdge Squeegee. This isn't just any squeegee; it's a game-changer in the industry, designed for both wet and dry applications. Say goodbye to scratches, marks, and the fear of damage. The WetEdge Squeegee stands out with its Teflon body and a distinctive microfiber edge, ensuring smooth, flawless application on vinyl films and painted surfaces alike.

Introducing the pinnacle of applicator technology:

The WetEdge Squeegee's secret lies in its ultra-microfiber edge, a marvel of modern engineering. These fibers are so incredibly fine they escape the naked eye, boasting a delicacy so profound that a single pound could span the distance from Earth to the moon and back. This extraordinary material results from a complex and patented manufacturing process, a testament to the cutting-edge research and development efforts at ImageOne Impact, bringing you the unmatched WetEdge Squeegee.

Key Advantages of the WetEdge Squeegee:

  • Chosen by true professionals, the WetEdge is in a league of its own.
  • The Teflon edge ensures smoother, faster cuts across various media, setting a new standard for ease and efficiency.
  • Moistening the Wet Edge side allows the squeegee to move over media seamlessly, eliminating the risk of scratches while significantly reducing friction.
  • The innovative Wet Edge design extends to the very edge of the squeegee, enabling precise application even in the most challenging, tight areas, much like using a precision paintbrush.
  • It's the ideal tool for applying die-cut or cut vinyl to vehicles, protecting painted surfaces from scratches.

Please note, colors of the WetEdge Squeegee may vary, adding a personalized touch to this essential tool.

Transform your wrapping projects with the WetEdge Squeegee — where technology, innovation, and efficiency meet